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China Battery Grip

Best China Battery Grip Manufacturers

The battery grip is a wonderful accessory which allows the camera to extend its battery life. It also adds a vertical grip of the camera and has an extra shutter release along with the various other controls. This accessory provides a cassette for holding additional batteries by attaching itself to the battery compartment of the camera. These accessories are custom designed for different cameras meaning every camera require a different type of battery grip.

It is important to have a quality battery grip if you are looking forward to long hours of shooting. That’s why you shouldn’t trust any battery grip supplier; instead, you should rely only on the leading China battery grip manufacturers like Szcxtech. DSLR are usually designed to take landscape shots, and when it comes to portrait shots, battery grips come in really handy. The second shutter button on the side helps to take a shot easily in portrait style.

When heavy and long lenses are used, the grip creates the balance and makes it easy to capture the moments. The added weight of the battery grip works to counterbalance the heavier lenses. It allows a steady shot even with the long and heavy lens which is otherwise very difficult to take. Due to the critical application, it is important to trust the best China battery grip manufacturers.

High quality China Battery Grip Supplier

As our every product is manufactured with the top quality material only, same is the case with the battery grip. We have strict policies regarding quality control, and not a single item passes through our system unchecked. Even the minor flaws our identified and corrected before the product reaches our customers.

The hard-working team at the production unit takes responsibility for each item as it is delivered to the buyers. It is our dedication that makes the production of the world’s best accessories not only possible, but it also makes the process smooth and blunder-free. We as an organization owe a lot to the amazing team we have because they are the ones who make our success promising. We don’t claim that we are the only ones manufacturing battery grip, there are several others. However, we do claim that we do it with all our heart and put in our cent per cent to make it work efficiently. We are known as the high quality China battery grip manufacturers in the market.


Product Description

Sidande A7II Battery Grip Vertical Handler for Sony a7II a7RII a7MII a7KII A7SII Digital SLR Camera.

Model: S-SB-A7II-BK
UPC: 6948210261627
Battery pack: one or two NP-FW50 DC7.2V batteries
Dimension (approx.): 128mm*102mm*61mm (w/h/d)  5 in. * 4 in. * 2 1/2 in.)
Weight: approx. 250g (8.9 oz) (including the battery pack tray, excluding the battery packs)
Operating temperature: 0-40℃
Net Weight:175g
Gross Weight:265g
Package Size: 16.5*12.5*9.4cm

Package Includes:
1 x Battery Grip
1 x Camera Connector Cable
1 x Battery Pack Holder
1 x Infrared Remote Control
1 x Manual
1 x QC Card
1 x Original package
Note: The final package may vary a tiny little bit. Well always ship the latest version package to you.
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